Swiss Expat Story: Lukas

by Manuel Huber

The second article of Swiss Expat Story features Lukas, who moved to New Zealand to extend his career in the animation industry. We asked him several questions this time and received an interesting response from him.

Why did you decide to leave Switzerland?

I always had the dream of someday go and live abroad for a while. First I thought that elite sports could help me travel but I wasn’t good enough.
Then i discovered my passion for animation which there is no industry for in Switzerland, so the step to actually go find a completely new life abroad came naturally after finding my professional calling.

What was the biggest challenge to overcome in your new home?

No real challenges… sometimes English can be a problem if someone has a really tricky accent but in general everything is easy enough.

What do you love about your new home-away-from-home?

My work, my fiance who I met here, my life in general is so much more fulfilled here as I am able to live it by my own rules and do what I love.

What do you miss the most from Switzerland?

Infrastructure and Food. I have not been in a place that had better insulated houses than Switzerland or higher hygiene standards.
And of course some of the food that I grew up with like good bread or Aromat and stuff like that.

As Lukas told us, his life in New Zealand is quite satisfying with his work, loved one and so on.

Even though, he added that there are still many parts of Switzerland which he finds outstanding such as its houses and hygiene standards. And yes, Aromat as well!(Many of our customers love this item.)

Is there anyone who can easily forget the food he/she grew up with? —We guess not. If you are the one with this struggle not being able to find your favorite Swiss goodies around you, join our family today!