Swiss Expat Story: Marianne in Sun Peaks, Canada

by MySwissWorld & Swiss Food Box Team

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We welcome you to our second interview in our new series. Here we interview each week somebody from the community and learn a bit more about their lives. 
This week, Marianne, living in Sun Peaks, Canada 🇨🇦, tell us about her life in the second largest ski resort of Canada. On the pictures, you can see Marianne with her family (Rowyn, Tobias & Gregor) and the beauty of Sun Peaks region in summer and winter. Thank you very much for sharing your lovely and interesting story, Marianne! 😀
What is your name and where are you living now?
My name is Marianne Koller and I live in Sun Peaks, B.C., Canada. Sun Peaks is the 2nd largest ski resort in Canada. Our son Tobias and his wife Rowyn run a property management business here with over 70 vacation homes they rent out and we (my husband Gregor and I) help in their business.
What is your connection to Switzerland? Have you been born there, or do you have some roots in Switzerland? 
Gregor, Tobias and I were born in Switzerland. We have been living in Canada for 28 years now and still have family and friends in Switzerland.
Where are you originally from in Switzerland?
Gregor grew up in Widen AG and I grew up in Maur on Lake Greifensee. Tobias was born in Switzerland. We emigrated to Canada when he was 7 months old. Until he went to school, we always spent 2 -3 months in Switzerland in winter. We always live in Maur when we are in Switzerland, because we have two rooms in my mother's house there. Until 1 1/2 years ago we lived in Aldergrove (near Vancouver) and ran a motorhome rental with Bed & Breakfast there.
What is the thing that you miss about Switzerland the most?
Our family and friends. Special chocolates, cheese and all the different breads.
What do you think is better or do you like more in your new country?
The vastness of the country, that it is not so crowded, and that people are mostly relaxed and friendly and not so stressed. 
Do you have any plans of returning soon? For vacations or permanently.
For vacations we will surely fly to Switzerland again next year. We always enjoy our stays in Switzerland very much. To go back forever, I can't imagine at the moment, because our son lives here, and we are at home in Sun Peaks.


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