When was your last time in Switzerland?

by MySwissWorld & Swiss Food Box Team

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This week we asked on our Facebook Page the following: How often do you come back to Switzerland and when was the last time you were here? 🇨🇭
We have received so many comments. Thank you very much! Some of you come back to Switzerland once a year (or even more!) while others haven’t been back in 25 years. Below you can find most of the comments:
Marie-Lyse Kanis
leave Switzerland in 2005 and never came back... miss it anyway...
Susi Beattie
I don’t go back often enough…last time was 7 years ago…
Serena Bonomi
I go back to Switzerland about once a year, last time it was on May 16th, as a surprise for my mom's 60th birthday! 
Pedro Minder
i have been living in Medellín for 18 years and i fly to Switzerland once a year. in the past it was 2 times a year. when i fly home, i love to drive through the alps, visit tourist destinations i have never seen before. etc. I always stay with a brother.
Jngrid Seath
Emigrated in 2003. Would move back in a flash if my husband would agree. Coming home around twice a year (although this year it will be 3 times, have to make up the lost visits during Covid)
Irene Artho
Usually once or twice a year but had a break between March 2020 and June 2022 (thanks to you know what.. ). Last visit was June 2022, going again in Dec.
Maggie Murphy
Arrived in us in 1979, went back in 1997 and haven’t returned since 
Markus P. Hagmann
About once a year. Last visit: this past June.

So far every 2-3 years... would love to come more often but since we're constrained by school vacation times and want to occasionally gonoyher places too, it's difficult!

About 1/year… and this summer 🇨🇭
When was your last time in Switzerland and how often do you visit? Please let us know. 😄


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