Schweizer Expat-Geschichte: Paola in San Francisco, USA

von MySwissWorld & Swiss Food Box Team

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We welcome you to our first interview in our new series. Here we interview each week somebody from the community and learn a bit more about their lives. 

More than 100 emails subscribers answered our call to participate for the interviews. We were incredibly happy to see that and overwhelmed by the interest. Thank you so much! 😃

This week, Paola from the United States 🇺🇸 has answered some questions for us. She is currently an office manager in a tax-accounting firm. On the photos you can see her son Luca by the Swiss consulate in San Francisco, her daughter and Paola herself and her dog Mae (who also responds to “Maitli”) with a view of the Golden Gate Bridge. 

What is your name and where are you living now?

My name is Paola and I live in San Francisco, CA.

What is your connection to Switzerland? Have you been born there, or do you have some roots in Switzerland? 

I lived in Switzerland for 10 years during which I had two kids (born near Zurich), married, and became a citizen. Switzerland is the place of my heart.

What is the thing that you miss about Switzerland the most?

The lifestyle. The fact that everything works around the well-being of the people.
Also, the fact that it’s literally in the middle of Europe and you can get everywhere in a relatively short time (by train or plane or car).
And the chocolate, of course! 

What do you think is better or do you like more in your new country?

It’s easier to get a job not related to your education. I had some troubles in Switzerland in these regards.

Do you have any plans of returning soon? For vacations or permanently.

I go back every year for vacation and to see family. Unfortunately, no plans to go back permanently at this time.


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