Histoire d'un expatrié suisse: Daniel en Australie

par Manuel Huber

Did you know that there are around 750'000 Swiss citizens living abroad as of 2017?

The Swiss community abroad has grown in recent years. If it were a canton in Switzerland it would be the fourth largest one in terms of population.

WOW — isn’t that surprising? You might be wondering the reason why the Swiss decide to leave a beautiful country, Switzerland, and discover the world as Swiss expats.

The Swiss Food Box asked the Swiss Food Box family members all over the world this question (and a few more) in our article series: Swiss Expats around the Globe.

Keep reading this article to learn about the Swiss Expat story of Daniel who left Switzerland as a kid in the 1980s and moved to sunny Perth, Australia.

Why did you decide to leave Switzerland?

My parents wanted a house with large garden and to be unshackled from the Swiss army. An uncle who moved to Australia convinced them to make the big move with three young children. I was the oldest at 7 years. I still remember as a young boy watching slides in Switzerland about Australia and being amazed about the wildlife. I think we all thought that kangaroos would be hopping down the freeway! We left in 1980 and made our home in Perth, Western Australia; the sunniest city of Australia!

What do you love about your new home-away-from-home?

I love the remarkable sunny weather, beautiful beaches, wonderful wildflower and wildlife, and large open spaces. This is what always makes me feel like I am at home here in Perth.

What do you miss the most from Switzerland?

From Switzerland, I miss all our wonderful relatives and friends, the greenness of the landscape, the castles and mountains, the cows with bells, the pristine lakes, and the wonderful chocolate and cakes.

Although being away from our home country brings us a new perspective and great joy, most of us experience a certain feeling of missing home. It also reminds us of the time we spent with our loved ones.

As Daniel misses many parts of Switzerland even he feels quite comfortable in Perth, there is always something in ourselves that evokes memories and emotions linked to the past.

Now Daniel never has to miss the delightful taste of Swiss chocolate again, thanks to the Swiss Food Box.

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