How do stay informed about Switzerland?

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This week we asked on our Facebook Page the following: Do you still inform yourselves about what is happening in Switzerland? 🇨🇭

If yes, how do you do it? Do you watch Swiss TV with a VPN? Do you read Swiss newspapers online? 📺
Thank you for all the comments. You can read them all below. 20 Minuten and Blick seems to be an easy way to stay informed about Switzerland for free according to you. Also, Radio Pilatus from Lucerne has still Swiss fans abroad. 😅

Interestingly almost nobody mentions the Swiss TV station SRF. As we have heard it is still possible to watch it through some VPNs. If you are interested in how VPNs work, please let us know and we can write something about it. 
Below you can find most of the comments:
Joerg George Rosset
I follow daily what is happening in Switzerland. Mainly over Blick online and Swiss TV.
Irene Artho
I usually listen to radio during work. Once a week that radio station is Radio Pilatus, the rest of the days it's a local (UK) station.
Kittiya Biondi
I read newspaper online
Rosina Wirz
20 minutes app on my iPhone
Ursula Cohen
Online papers! Swissinfo.....
Andrea Wanner
I read 20 minutes on my phone
Markus Hartmann
emailed Swiss news, listen to Radio Pilatus and other stations
Pedro Minder
I read every day at least 1 hour CH newspapers. Previously, my favorite newspaper was 20Min. but since they have changed something in their structure and therefore that page often blocks me, I have switched to Blick.
Hanna Kuenzle
Barely ever, to be honest.


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